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Skills Summary


Wide experience in engineering / scientific software.  Certified Software Quality Engineer.  Have developed games.  Have learned database design and management.


Languages: C#, C++, C, Java, SQL, Assembly Language, VB Script, HTML, XML, XSLT, BASIC, FORTRAN


Tools: .NET, Windows SDK, Swing, SOAP, OOA/D, Microsoft Borland and IBM Visual Development Environments, SourceSafe, Source Integrity, TestTrack, BoundsChecker, Lint (for C and C++), Clientele, CVS, evaluation boards for firmware development


Program Types: GUI, embedded firmware, commercial products and company-internal tools


Algorithms: least-squares adjustments, splines, compression, optimizations, graphics framework, equation solver, matrix operations, and arbitrary precision arithmetic




Accomplishments / Career History


Leading edge expertise and innovations in land survey software, video compression, and contact lens design.


OptiFrame, Denver, CO                                                                                                 2007-present

Software Engineer

·         Maintained a large C# program for engineering wood-frame structures


Ferrell Companies, Denver, CO                                                                                      2006-2007

Software Engineer

·         Converted large J++ product to C#


Masque Publishing, Lone Tree, CO                                                                                 2005-2006

Software Engineer

·         Wrote a “Lobby” in Java with Swing for on-line games for AOL.

·         Modified computer games to remove references to a brand name.  Built installer, and QA’d programs.

·         Wrote code to convert SVG graphics to a raster form.

·         Built a computer version of a slot machine.


Trimble, Westminster, CO                                                                                              1997-2005

Senior Engineer

·         Specified and coded least-squares adjustments for surveying measurements, including a “general network” adjustment. Also coded storage for raw measurements  (a hierarchical database).

·         Improved theoretical understanding of when some matrices in a least-squares calculation are not invertible.

·         Coded map projections.

·         Did Windows GUI development.

·         Taught C++ class.

·         Ran code reviews.

·         Developed a C# program to read data from a web service, output to an Excel, HTML, CSV, or text file, and graph and email the results.

·         Scripted automated builds and tests.


Iterated Systems, Inc., Atlanta, GA                                                                                 1993-1997

Senior Engineer

Developed and coded video compression algorithms.  As a member of the engineering team,

·         Coded components for the Clear Video and Fractal Video Pro products.

In the algorithm research group,

·         Implemented algorithm experiments, and the code to analyze their performance.

In the international standards group

·         Added many features to a movie viewer Windows (MFC) program.


Leica, Inc., Norcross, GA                                                                                               1986-1993

Head Programmer

·         Authored prototype of  "WILDsoft", for design feedback.

·         Wrote the "field data compiler" section of  "WILDsoft", including least squares adjustment of data.

·         Wrote graphics primitives at the hardware register level.


Visiontech, Roswell, GA                                                                                                1983-1986

Senior Systems Engineer

·         Developed a contact lens design program.  This included calculating and coding the slope form of Snell's law in the ray trace routines, which speeded their execution, and implementing an innovative method for solving simultaneous polynomial equations  (reduce to second degree, write in matrix form, and use complete pivoting).

*                   Rewrote the firmware in a contact lens lathe.


Ciba Vision Care, Atlanta, GA                                                                                       1982-1983

  Senior Systems Analyst

·         Calculated machine position for a bifocal contact lens machine.  This involved solving a differential equation for a 3‑D surface.


Bausch and Lomb Inc., Rochester, NY                                                                                                                 1980-1982

 Senior Programmer

·         Made computer model of fluid and ion flow through a contact lens.  First prediction that the post‑lens tear layer is less than one micrometer.  Optimized by computer modeling a process to make aspherical reflectors for the "Sidewinder" missile.


Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY                                                                                                        1979-1980

 Teaching Assistant

·         Taught mathematics classes.


Alfred University, Alfred, NY                                                                                                                    1978-1979

 Assistant Professor

·         Taught mathematics classes.


US Navy                                                                                                                                                           1970-1976

 Honorable Discharge


Boeing-Vertol., Ridley Township, PA                                                                                                    1968

 Summer Intern

·         Calculated vibration modes of helicopter blades.

·          Had a security clearance.




Acknowledgments in

Conway et. al., “Effects of Contact Lens Deformation on Tear Film Pressures Induced during Blinking”, American Journal of Optometry & Physiological Optics, Vol. 59 # 1


Dingman et. al., “Pollution Potential of Some New Hampshire Lakes”, Water Resources Research, Vol. 7 #5

Letter in TECH Specialist, July, 1991




  Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

  Masters Degree in Mathematics                                                                                   1975


  Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

  Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics                                                                       1970


Career Development

  Database Management Systems                      Metropolitan State College of Denver     2006

  Certified Software Quality Engineer                  ASQ                                                     2002

  C++ Certification                                             The Learning Tree, Inc.                           1997

  Technical Leadership Class                              Fred Pryor Inc.                                      1996


Professional Affiliations

  American Mathematical Society